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Committed to Africa

Raising leaders and entrepreneurs that will stimulate their local economy, and build the African continent.


ISAYYES is Committed to Economic Transformation of the African continent through empowerment and skills transfer of individuals via its powerful ISAYYES Academy, raising leaders and entrepreneurs that will stimulate their local economy, and build the African continent.

Africa has been under close observation for some time by investors and international markets for its obvious reasons. The fast growing youth population, the urbanization that is expected to drive over 50% of Africans to cities by 2050, and Africa’s formalizing economy are all well known. These trends and other developments make Africa one of the leading growth potential markets world-wide. Factors such as its growing market size, macro-economics, infrastructure, business sophistication and innovation, make it one of the most promising continents to invest and develop a future in.

In January 2018 a press conference between the AUC and OECD was held to address important African Economic topics on subjects like the African Economy in the international context and Migration and Employment creation in Africa. It was noted that cooperation between the African Union and the OECD would spur structural transformation in Africa for the next decade. Other issues at hand was the renewal of the fragile economic growth, unemployment of young people and women, the under-development of agriculture, the under-industrialization, the public debt and the financing of the African economy. The economic growth of Africa has been slowed down with growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) going from 3.4% in 2015 to 2.2% in 2016. This slow growth can be explained by a sluggish global economy and domestic prices, low oil and commodity prices (despite their recovery) and adverse weather conditions such as drought. However, the continent’s economic outlook improved in 2017 with a GDP growth of 3% and is expected to continue to grow by 4.1% each year in 2018 and 2019.

The looming concern however is how to capture this future growth – and in particular, how to ensure that economic growth generates employment for women and for the growing number of young people (estimated at 40.3 million young people between the ages of 15-24 according to 2016 statistics.)

A greater focus on Agriculture and transforming the African economy through industrialization is vital to the growth in Africa.

ISAYYES Africa’s previous dealings with leadership of various African countries and its future strategic alliances with heads of state across the continent will play a vital role in the eradication of poverty in Africa. More than 413 million people live below the poverty line and are grossly affected by inequality, due to a lack of empowerment and skills transfer.